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The Star Constants at the Online Casino

There are three stars in the entertainment industry that have a constant stop at online casino sites. No, we aren’t talking about celebrity online casino tournaments; we mean betting lines in the entertainment section of sports books. These three Hollywood A-listers are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears; although to be fair Brad and Angie are generally linked to the same prop. This week all three of these entertainment stars are showing up at the online casino, and you can start making your bets now.

As far as Angie and Brad go, the newest online casino entertainment props include what country the couple plans on adopting from next. Currently, the online casino favorites for this betting line include 5 African countries including Zambia and Namibia, of course. Another great online casino prop has to do with whether or not Brad Pitt is actually Shiloh Nouvel’s biological father. Entertainment sports book have all favored the ‘No’ on this one, but hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a ‘Yes’.

The best, and newest, Britney Spears prop is actually linked to Brad and Angie. Rumors have spread that the pop princess was looking to move to Namibia before the birth of her new baby, in order to get the protection from the paparazzi that Angelina and Brad enjoyed. Although her reps deny this, the online casino knows better and has thus decided to add the “will Britney give birth in Namibia” prop to the entertainment section of their sports book.

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