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Gambling is a Leisure Activity, not a Debt Payer

Correct financial management is essential when gambling. It should be clear that any form of gambling – at land casinos or at online casinos – should be a leisure activity and not a way to collect money for debts. Gambling is a great pastime in several forms. A person can enjoy sports gambling on top sporting events, or playing the lottery once a week in the hope of winning millions. Some people enjoy spending an evening alone playing poker online while others enjoy gambling through the night at a ritzy casino. In whichever shape or form, it should be remembered that gambling is a leisure activity alone, and should not be used as a way to gain money to pay debts.

While we all hope that every time we gamble we will win, gambling is not a sure thing. Money spent on gambling should be seen as money spent on any other type of leisure activity: like going to the movies or out for coffee. If you win – great; if you don’t- maybe next time. The problem arises when a player is trying to use gambling as a ‘quick-fix’ for debts or bills. Money used for gambling should always be ‘spare’ money and not money needed to pay off bills.

Correct money management is essential for a fun gambling experience. A player will not be able to enjoy himself if he is constantly worried about loosing his mortgage money. A predetermined amount of money should be put aside and this should be the amount to be gambled with. The same rules apply for land casinos or online gambling. Play to enjoy and if you win, even better.

OCA News Editor