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Heineken Gets Behind Casino Film

In the latest casino entertainment sponsorship news, Heineken International has announced a partnership with EON Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment to launch an international promotional campaign for the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale. The film, set in the exciting world of live casino gambling, features the usual high adrenalin excitement and fast-paced action of previous Bond films, while introducing newcomer Daniel Craig to the role of James Bond. The casino film is scheduled for international release on November 17.

According to Heineken International’s director of group commerce, Peter van Campen, the promotional campaign for the casino film will include a television commercial featuring actress Eva Green from the film. The commercial will be directed by Steven Gaghan and will be shot inside an exclusive casino establishment in the Czech Republic. It is thought that the advertisement will combine the sophisticated world of gambling with the internationally recognized Heineken brand, and will be broadcast on entertainment mediums including television and in cinemas during November and December 2006.

A number of entertainment blockbusters set in the world of casino gambling are due for release this year and have attracted the attention of gambling fans and operators all around the world. Several marketing deals have been signed, with one casino operator even billing itself as the official sponsor of an upcoming poker film aimed at depicting the high stakes circuit in Hollywood.

OCA News Editor