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The Newest Reality Show Props

All the best reality shows seem to be off the airwaves, but there is a new player in town, and you better believe that he is showing up at the online casino entertainment section. Have you ever heard of Chef Gordon Ramsey? He is an internationally renowned chef and restaurateur, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, the chef has been given a plethora of Michelin stars through out his restaurant career, and now he is on the online casino, well at least his show is, “Hell’s Kitchen 2”. The second season of this great show has a plethora of props at Bodog, a great online casino and sports book.

If you haven’t heard of “Hell’s Kitchen 2”, it is recommended that you start tuning in. The show airs on the Fox Network and is currently in the beginning of its second season. It is a fun and exciting reality show that is almost on the same lines as great shows such as “Survivor” and “America’s Next Top Model” and as an added plus, it has just as much to offer the entertainment section of an online casino sport book.

For starters, because Chef Ramsey is a nasty British man, you know that he will be making fun of his contestants in much the same way that Simon Cowell trashes his “Idol” contestants. That means that the chances of someone bursting in to tears on the show is pretty high, and you better believe that that makes for great entertainment. Besides good times watching TV, you can find loads of “Hell’s Kitchen” props at the online casino. From whether or not Chef Ramsey will bring someone to tears to who will get booted off the show next episode, the online casino is packed with great betting options.

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