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Online Casino Purchases Wedding Invitation

If you are a fan of online casino news then you have definitely heard of Golden Palace online casino. This online casino is famous for gaining media attention with weird and wonderful purchases. Well they have done it again. This time the Golden Palace online casino has purchased an invitation and candle form Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s wedding. The items were sold by an online auction site and were apparently put on the site by one of Federline’s relatives. The online casino bought the items for $2,150 and they make a nice addition to their growing collection of Britney memorabilia. The online casino has already purchased a half drunk bottle of water that Britney was drinking whilst giving birth, a used pregnancy test kit, and a pacifier used by Britney and her sister, Jaime Lynn in infancy.

This online casino does not just collect Britney items. They have many weird and wonderful items that they have purchased over the years, Many of these items have religious connections. This online casino collection is very famous and the publicity has made Golden Palace a very popular and frequently visited online casino. Much of their money has gone to charitable causes in the past too, making them even more popular with the gambling public.

All publicity is good for any industry and the Golden Palace online casino realizes that. If an online casino makes the news, curious gamblers are bound to be tempted to check out the online casino they read about. Keep your eyes open to see what will be Golden Palace’s next bizarre purchase.

OCA News Editor