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Entertainment Betting at Online Casinos

Two top reality shows, one in the United Kingdom and one in the United States are grabbing the attention of online casinos. The betting season might be over for American Idol, but online casinos are still offering wagers on Big Brother. A new trend has hit the online casinos industry in the past few months and more and more people are getting their thrills from this alternative form of betting. Over the past few months online casinos have been following two top reality series very closely – The American Idol in the United States, and Big Brother in the United Kingdom. The American Idol has already come to an end, with Taylor Hicks coming out tops, but the Big Brother show is yet to come to a close. Bettors in America will now be looking for the next reality show to place bets on at online casinos.

Online casinos kept the two reality shows under close scrutiny, each week updating their odds and ensuring that bettors had a fair chance to back their favorite singer or least favorite Big Brother participant to get the boot. Betting fever peaked up towards the end of the American Idol and online casinos offered top odds and closing season specials. Online casinos are also examining the final stages of Big Brother to see which of the participants will have survived the close watch of the British nation and win their approval.

Entertainment betting is a unique branch of the online casinos industry. No skills or experience are needed to place a bet, unlike certain card games available on the gambling sites, and the Average Joe feels like they are doing something ‘cultural’ when they place bets with online casinos on something related to the entertainment industry.

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