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Online Casino Gets Late Invitation to Britney’s Wedding

Normally the invitations go out before the event, but Golden Palace online casino has never been a company to do things by the book. This online casino has pulled another stunt and has landed its hands on a wedding invitation and candle that was used at the very secretive wedding of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline that took place in September 2008. The online casino managed to get hold of the items on an eBay auction.

This item is not the first that the online casino has in its Britney-collection. The online casino has also managed to get its hands on Britney Spears’ pregnancy test, along with several other weird and wonderful items related to celebrities. Golden Palace online casino continues to humor the world, creating headlines for itself, by purchasing wacky items. Included in the list are the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich and William Shatner’s kidney stone. The online casino has also performed some annoying stunts like sending a streaker to disrupt an award ceremony at the recent Winter Olympics.

CEO of Golden Palace online casino said that Britney and Kevin are always in the news and the online casino can identify with this phenomenon by also always being in the industry’s headlines. He said that as soon as the online casino saw that this item was up for auction, they new that they had to add it to their collection.

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