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Online Casinos Player Takes Dog’s Advice

When we are lucky at online casinos we look for reasons why we won and when we are unlucky we also look for reasons to explain. This is an online casinos story about a player who thanked her dog for her winning streak.
Magamill (her online casinos name), an online casinos player won $300 and she looked at her dog, Shelby, to see if she wanted something to eat or to go for a walk.

The dog gave her a look as if she should continue playing, so she did. Unbelievably enough with her next US $15 bet at the online casinos she won $350, more than doubling her winnings! This time the online casinos player was sure that she should quit but again, she looked down at her dog, and again the dog “told” her to continue playing at the online casinos. She took the dog’s advice and ended up taking home $1000! Now Magamill does not play at her favorite online casinos without Shelby by her side.

Of course Shelby was spoiled with lots of treats by Magamill for helping her do so well at the online casinos. So you never know what may help you make a decision when gambling but Magamill decided to trust her beloved dog Shelby. Dogs are famous for being “man’ best friend” and in this case Shelby did not let her owner down. Animals are cleverer than some people think and it is worth paying attention to their behavior, you never know when they may be trying to tell you something important.

OCA News Editor