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Golden Palace Online Casino does it Again!

Yes indeed, it is true. Golden Palace online casino is in the news again because of a purchase it made last weekend. This time it was a picture of a duck x-ray that you may have seen being circulated around the net. It roused so much interest because of something in its stomach area that looks remarkably like an alien. The online casino paid $9,600 for the picture and is very pleased with its purchase. This very clever online casino knew exactly what it was doing.

Not only have they got some great publicity for their online casino, but they also have another oddity to add to their collection which they are showing around the country, another brilliant advertising stunt. This online casino is no stranger to free advertisements. It has purchased some of the most interesting items the world has to offer at eBay. These items include advertising space on a woman’s actual forehead via a tattoo, just about anything resembling the Virgin Mary, and much more. Any kind of publicity is great for the online casino business.

The online casino bought the picture from the International Bird Rescue Center and the money will go to a good cause, a 35 year old nonprofit organization that works diligently with the public for the adoption of birds that are released back into the wild after their care is completed. An online casino is always more popular when it donates money to a good cause, another clever advertising strategy.

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