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Online Casino Industry Beware!

When this customer was beaten by the online casino site on which he was playing, he decided that he would not let that be the end of it. This angry customer made a commitment to himself and the other online casino players out there that he would spread the word of how to beat the online casino sites and hit them where it hurts – in the wallet. This angry customer has set up a site called ‘casinohater’ on which he plans to list everything that can be done to bring the online casino industry down.

The developer of the website offers links to casinos that offer better odds than others, and which are the best to target and make loads of money. There is also a section offering information on free online casino games so a player can get some experience before ‘attacking’ the online casino of their choice. The webmaster also has his own blog section in which he writes a daily tip about how to beat the online casino industry.

The site promises to offer tips that have been tried and tested on several online casino sites. The question is how come this player managed to loose so much money and be so angry with the online casino industry if he is promising tips on how to win big and hurt the online casino’s pocket?

OCA News Editor