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Superhero Entertainment at the Online Casino

In the world of entertainment nothing beats a superhero; and the best superheroes come straight out of Marvel Comic books. This summer is jam packed with superhero entertainment at the movies, and these trends are continuing on into the online casino. X-Men III: The Last Stand hit movie theaters just a couple of weeks ago, but just incase you didn’t get enough of Wolverine, Cyclops and Professor Xavier, you can start playing Marvel Comic slots at the online casino; these games are being provided by online casino software company CryptoLogic.

The X-Men are not the only team of crime fighters that you can play with at the online casino. Also from CryptoLogic, superhero fans can find entertainment with The Punisher, The Hulk, Blade and Daredevil. The great things about these online casino slots is that they mix in the fun of slots with the great times of arcade games. You can get rid of filthy drug dealers with the Punisher, or kick some butt with The Hulk with bonus rounds and other fun and entertaining surprises.

The 9-line slots are the newest additions to the CryptoLogic gaming suite. These games, and all others, are available at CryptoLogic online casino sites including VIP Casino. CrytoLogic is not the only software provider that has recently released new games; check out all your favorite sites and find out what games will provide you with the best entertainment at the online casino. With all the great movies coming out this summer, it will not be surprising if casino sites will be jam packed with the coolest new slots and machine games!

OCA News Editor