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New Movie Props at the Online Casino

The online casino may not have any more reality TV entertainment props, but that doesn’t mean that the entertainment section of their sportsbooks is closed. There are always new things happening in the entertainment industry, and online casino sportsbooks such as Bodog always have great props. Whether you are looking to make online casino bets on the gender of Brits next baby or picking the next big summer blockbuster, you will find it all in the Bodog entertainment page.

The latest addition to entertainment bets revolve around the thumbs of two men: Ebert and Roeper. You can bet on how you think these critics will rate the upcoming movies “The Omen” and “The Break-Up”. If you haven’t heard of either of these films, we’ll fill you in on the basics. “The Omen” is a remake of a 1976 horror flick that is predicted to be quite scary. The movie will be released on 06.06.06, freaky number for a freaky movie.

The online casino entertainment odds for “The Omen” favor a critique of two thumbs up with 1:1 odds. Those are pretty solid odds, so go ahead and make your bets. As far as “The Break-Up” goes, this movie features Jennifer Aniston and her beau Vince Vaughn. The online casino thinks that critics will not like the movie too much, but considering who will be staring in it, we are sure that it will be a major hit at the box office.

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