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Sportsbook Picked the Winning Entertainer

Before America ever voted for the next American Idol, the online casino sportsbook had picked the winner in their entertainment section. For all of those who went with the online casino favorite, good thinking. However, for all you McPhee fans out there, there’s always next season to win your online casino entertainment bet. Just in case you haven’t opened a news paper since Wednesday: The votes are in and America’s next idol is, Taylor Hicks. All you winners better head over to the casino to collect your cash.

Six seasons of American Idol have come and gone, and every year America changes its mind and chooses a new style for their next Idol. For those of you who have followed the odds at the online casino, the early stages of the final ten did not look good for Taylor. The overall online casino favorite was Chris Daughtry during the bulk. However, after America voted him off, it all seemed to change. Katherine was the final girl remaining, and one by one the men left.

But it wasn’t Katherine that was left standing as many believed it would be. The winner was just as the online casino predicted, Hicks took home the prize. Overall, this was one of the most entertaining season of Idol, and if the show continues to bring in amazing talent, it is not a doubt that season 7 will be a success. Keep an eye out for the next American Idol so you can head over to the casino and make your entertainment bets.

OCA News Editor