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Online Casino Launches Summer Movie

Aces online casino is the lucky sponsor of the casino-themed movie “Aces the Movie” that is set to hit the big screens this summer. The online casino which has Vegas ambiance on its site is planning special events, online promotions, and contests to celebrate the release of the movie. “Aces the Movie is one of a series of casino-themed movies that have been released in the past, but the first one to have the sponsorship of an online casino.

The online casino sponsored movie is a sexy thriller based around the world of poker. Three brilliantly clever and stunning women are looking for a quick buck and head to Las Vegas to try and win some money through poker. When finding themselves on a winning streak, they team up with a poker champion who invites them to Rio. The plot thickens with love, lust, murder and suspense. The movie’s theme of poker is quite apt because poker has become an unprecedentedly popular game at online casino sites and at land casinos.

Aces online casino will be inviting all its clients to the premiere showing of “Aces the Movie in Los Angeles. Through special promotions and deals some lucky online casino players will even win all-expenses paid trips to the opening, as well as tournaments and summer contests.

OCA News Editor