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An Entertaining Online Casino Read

Looking for a new and entertaining book to read? If you are an online casino fan who sometimes likes to give their eyes a rest from the casino, there is a great new book out there that is not only entertaining but very informative as well. Gambling on the web is fun, but at times players are at the casinos not for entertainment, but to become a winner. Beating the online casino may not sound like something that is simple to do, but with the latest gambling book release, you will find that it is easier than you previously believed.

The book is called “Advantage Gambling” and is written by Nate Carpenter, a retired engineer looking for a way to teach gambling fans how to beat the land-based and online casino. The book is written in a manner that will provide readers with hours of entertainment and includes chapters on basic gambling theory, the legalities of professional gambling techniques, casino security and even a chapter on how to keep your gambling trips affordable.

Obviously the book focuses on specific advice about your favorite online casino games, ranging from Texas Hold’em tournament poker all the way to certain slots. Some of the information provided in the book will only be helpful to players who are playing at a land-based casino, but all the tips and advice regarding poker and other tournament type games will be more than useful at the online casino. Give your online casino eyes a rest and start getting tips and strategies straight from some of the best players in professional gambling.

OCA News Editor