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Online Casino Fans Turn to Novelty Betting

Online casino gambling may be more popular than ever in the U.S., but the allure of novelty sports betting is attracting a new breed of fan to traditional sports betting sites. Online casino fans are now betting on the Oscars, the winner of “American Idol” and even the sex of Brittany Spear’s second child. According to one online casino and sports betting firm, novelty bets are becoming 2006’s most significant and surprising revenue generator.

Novelty betting also breaks the mould on who’s doing the betting. While male fans were predominantly responsible for the huge growth in the number of online casino gamblers last year – generating approximately $6 billion dollars in bets, mainly on online casino games and sports – women make up nearly half the number of online casino novelty bettors. The reasoning behind this is the intense interest women have in celebrity figures. According to one popular online casino and novelty betting site, “women spend so much time reading gossip pages and are so invested that they may as well put down money since they are following it so closely.”

At one novelty betting site, women represent just 30 percent of its 400,000 registered users but make up 45 percent of the novelty bets. Industry surveys reveal that women comprise just 32 percent of total online bettors. Online casino poker is another area where women are making a name for themselves. Thousands of women compete regularly at online casino sites at Texas Hold’em and a number of competitions aimed especially for women have sprouted up to accommodate the new trend.

OCA News Editor