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Da Vinci Code at the Online Casino

If the success of the book was anything to go by, the impending launch of the movie version of The Da Vinci Code this weekend is going to be a blast. Online casino sites and sportsbooks are always looking for this kind of action and have recently posted odds for those looking for gambling in the entertainment arena. Online casino odds have been posted about how many millions, and even billions, the movie is going to book in its first weekend of viewing.

One of the online casino sites, Sportsbook is laying odds and taking bets on the total gross revenue generated from combined ticket sales across the USA starting on Friday night. The current favorite casino odd is a gross total of between $80.1 million and $90 million, but industry experts say that the movie could easily sour way past the current record holder – Spiderman which grossed $114 million in 2002. Because of the controversial nature of the movie and the fact that billions of people around the world have read the book, these figures are not a real gamble.

Online casino gambling related to the entertainment industry has recently become one of the hottest crazes in America. Many sportsbooks and online gambling sites have sections dedicated to alternative odds from politics to weather to entertainment. The popularity of the book and the expected popularity of the movie will attract a high number of bettors, the sportsbook accessed. Should be gamble on how many will gamble too?

OCA News Editor