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Entertainment Gambling is the Latest Hit

America has a new online gambling addiction, and it is not poker or blackjack. The latest craze to hit the gambling industry is betting on anything and everything that is related to the entertainment industry. Americans are obsessed with the stars and if they can combine the great joy of ‘star gazing’ with gambling then they have found the ideal pastime.

Americans are gambling on anything – the outcome of the Oscars, who will win the American Idol and whether Britney Spears will get pregnant again before the year is up. Novelty gambling is big business for online casinos and sports gambling sites. It has also been noted that women make up a large majority of those who are obsessing about the stars, and gambling accordingly. It is the women who follow the stars’ lives, gossip pages about marriages, pregnancies and divorces and the online casinos are posting bids on exactly these events.

While the entertainment gambling sector is still only a small part of the industry, experts say that this sector is growing at a rapid speed. Many online casinos and sports books offer betting sections dedicated to the entertainment industry, while politics is also a hot betting number. If anything can have odds placed on it, the online casinos will post it.

OCA News Editor