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Online Casino Boss Gives Exclusive Interview

British daily the Guardian has published an exclusive interview with Empire Online’s chief executive Noam Lanir this week, in which the Israeli millionaire speaks about the online casino industry and his firm’s infamous rivalry with fellow online casino giant Party Gaming. While obviously appealing to online casinos fans, Lanir’s interview also gives valuable insight into an industry much misunderstood by the media.

In his interview, the online casino boss appears remarkably candid for a man that has risen to the top of one of the world’s most competitive and cut-throat industries. When asked why his London-listed online casino firm is registered in the British Virgin Islands and holds board meetings in Geneva Lanir gives the reason is to avoid paying high levels of taxation. And while online casino chiefs would seem at home in expensive suits and glass offices, Lanir describes himself as a “jeans man” and is more at home on his yacht than in the boardroom.

Lanir also addresses the rivalry between Empire Online and Party Gaming and does not shirk in expressing his dislike for his rival’s previous CEO, Richard Segal. However, the online casino boss praises Party Gaming’s decision to hire new CEO Mitch Garber and says that forming friendships in the online casino industry is easy due to the number of young people it employs.

OCA News Editor