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Playboy Online Casino Coming Up

Popular brand name Playboy is set to launch its own online casino sites. The problem is that American users will not have access to the online casino sites due to regulatory concerns on behalf of Playboy. The world famous adult magazine brand name of Playboy has decided to go one step further in spreading its wares around the world. Playboy has made a strategic business decision to enter the ever growing internet gaming market and set up a group of online casino sites. The online casino sites will be powered by Cryptologic – Waterlogic online casino software provider and will feature exclusive branded games which will be in line with the brand name’s style.

However, due to the uncertain future of the online casino industry in the United States, Playboy will not be launching and marketing its online casino sites to the American market. In a press release from Playboy, the company explained that in an effort to diversify its digital media revenues the group is to launch name-branded online casino sites around the world, but due to regulatory issues, not in the U.S.

One private operator which is based in Netherlands Antilles has received the exclusive rights to use the Playboy brand name in the online casino and internet gaming business. The deal with the online casino software provider, Cryptologic, is based on a three year contract and both parties expressed excitement and voiced anticipation about the potential market which they are about to enter.

OCA News Editor