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Online Casino Offers V Points for Air Miles

Sir Richard Branson’s recent foray into the online casino world has already come up trumps. With help from Virgin’s established business interests, the new online casino firm Virgin Gaming has quickly won over fans in Britain and Europe. Now fans participating in a special promotion at the online casino site are set to profit from Virgin’s other business interests in air travel.

The new online casino site has recently launched a new V points system, enabling online casino fans to earn points redeemable for service in other Virgin companies. The more money a casino player spends at the site, the higher the number of points he accrues. For example, if he gambles up to 50 pence for two hours each week, he will receive a total of 150 V points. If he spends up to one pound each week over a period of 20 hours, he is awarded 1,200 points. V points can then be traded for cash to spend at the online casino or exchanged for air miles with Virgin Airlines. The air miles are awarded on the ratio of one air mile for each V point.

The online casino firm is also running a competition to find the first casino player to earn 25,000 V points. The prize is a flight with Virgin to Las Vegas with the online casino firm footing the bill for accommodation and spending money.

OCA News Editor