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Online Casino Sponsors Poker Film

The game of poker has always captivated audiences worldwide. Many films have dedicated themselves to the game of poker, including “Sunset Trail”, “Maverick” and “Cincinnati Kid”. The popularity of poker made a natural move from the casinos of Las Vegas to the online casino world. Online casino poker has continued to gain supporters from all over the world, with live tournaments and million dollar contests surrounding this industry. With poker becoming such a huge part of the cultural landscape in the United States, it was only a matter of time before an online casino announced its intent to sponsor a film about online poker.

Aces online casino announced that it offered a sponsorship deal to the producers of the new movie that will deal with the game of poker. According to rumors, the new movie, as yet untitled, will feature major stars. The online casino announced that it would launch the movie with special events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles this summer. With Aces online casino sponsoring these events, visitors to their site will definitely enjoy the benefits of prizes, tournaments and contests linked to the movie.

Online casino poker continues to attract the gambling crowds. This is in part because of the media attention created by the game of online casino poker in the form of sports channel coverage, reality TV and, now, a movie; but also in part because of the excitement and thrill of the game.

OCA News Editor