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Online Casino Sponsors Gambling Film

Online casino firm Aces has made headlines this week after offering to sponsor a new Hollywood film on the poker industry. The online casino has billed the new film as the most exciting poker movie since Rounders and will present the film this summer with celebrity-packed premiers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Online poker fans can also expect to enjoy sneak previews of the film, as well as the chance to compete in themed tournaments and contests at the casino’s site.

According to the online casino firm’s manager Rene Quesada, the number of films featuring poker players is destined to increase given that online casino poker has become a cultural phenomenon. Hollywood has long shown an interest in poker through several gambling related films over the years, the most recent of which was 1998’s “Rounders” featuring self-confessed online casino fan and Hollywood star Matt Damon. News of the sponsorship has also coincided with Aces’ launch of a new look site which models itself on a live Las Vegas casino.

Quesada says that the majority of the online casino fans that play regularly at the Aces site are die-hard Las Vegas gambling fans. 65 percent state they regularly travel to Las Vegas each year to play at the casinos and hotels there. When these true gambling fans are unable to make the annual trek, playing online casino poker is almost as good as the real thing.

OCA News Editor