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Entertainment Odds for American Idol

If you love the entertainment section of the online casino, than you have definitely seen the props on American Idol. Every week the online casino sportsbook updates itself as American chooses who will stay in Los Angeles and who will go back home. And assuming you love watching American Idol as much as you enjoy betting at the online casino, you must have been quite surprised when Ms. Paris was sent home last night. Granted her performances where not as great as the other contestants, Paris was still considered one of the favorites at the online casino.

For all you Paris fans out there who bet on the contestant to win season 5 of American Idol, it’s time to choose a new winner at the online casino. Yes, we know it is difficult to put aside your love for this singer and choose a new one, but look at all the great performers that are still left, there must be at least one that you believe deserves to be the next American Idol. Chris Daughtry is this week’s favorite at the online casino, and the odds are overwhelmingly in his favor!

That is not at all surprising when you consider his unbelievable singing voice and unparalleled command of the stage. The next favorite contestant at the online casino entertainment section is Katherine McPhee. McPhee gave one amazing performance this past week on the show, and is the only girl left in season 5. Perhaps that means that one of the men will take home the prize this season. Following Katherine is Taylor Hicks, who is constantly outstanding and very entertaining to watch. Finally, the online casino has predicted that Elliot Yamin will be the next contestant to be sent home, but don’t place your chips against him just yet. American Idol is almost as unpredictable as the roulette table, you never know where the ball will land next week.

OCA News Editor