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Street Magic Comes to the Online Casino

David Blane is one of the best street magicians in the entertainment world. And you can bet on his next stunt at the online casino. If you have never heard of David Blane before than chances are you have been living under a rock. The man has done a plethora of insane magic and just as many crazy stunts to make sure his name is heard around the entertainment industry, and his next stunt is just as nutty. Before you hear it here, go to Bodog, a great online casino sports book, and look at the odds that the online casino is giving Blane. The fact that even Bodog is so sure he will be successful is the only thing you need to know when you place your bet.

The stunt started on Monday when Blane placed himself into a sphere that is filled with water. He has a tube in his mouth that supplies him with oxygen, but besides that he will just be floating around in a ball full of water. He plans on staying there for 8 days, but this is not what you will be betting on at the online casino. Considering all the other nutty things he has done in the past, staying in a ball of water for 8 days is a cake walk for this 33-year old street magician.

What you will be placing your online casino entertainment bet on is whether or not Blane will be able to break a world record after not eating or sleeping for 8 full days. The record he plans on breaking is the length of time one can hold his breath underwater. The current record stands at an astounding 8 minutes and 58 seconds, and Blane plans on breaking it and hitting the record books. You and I both know that he will end up doing it, so why are you even questioning whether or not you should make the bet. Go to the online casino now and place this wildly entertaining bet!

OCA News Editor