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Charlie Sheen in Online Casino Trouble

We all love Charlie Sheen, and let’s face it, Charlie Sheen loves the online casino maybe a little too much. The man not only appears in the entertainment section of online casino sportsbooks, but he also enjoys betting on sporting events himself. In fact, he enjoys doing so to such a degree that it may have even been a factor in the divorce proceedings between him and his wife, entertainment industry star Denise Richards. Since he enjoys betting so much, why not take a cue from him and place a bet at the online casino entertainment prop to see whether or not he will lose in court against Ursula Auburn.

For those of you who aren’t entertainment gossip fanatics, but still enjoy betting at the online casino, Ursula Auburn is a “crazed fan” of Sheen who claims that one of the characters in his show, Two and a Half Men, is based on her. This is where most people would be touched, but Ursula is just not most people. She claims that having Rose, played by Melanie Lynskey, has caused her “humiliation, emotional distress, embarrassment, chagrin, mortification, and immeasurable grief”. All this from having a sitcom next-door neighbor who appears on maybe 10 episodes a season.

But hey, if you found a way to make a million dollars easily, who’s to say you wouldn’t give it a shot! The truth is that sometimes that million dollar progressive jackpot at the online casino just misses you by one reel; thus suing Charlie Sheen is a much better bet. If you think that Sheen will win this suit or if you think that his life is crumbling before his eyes, between his wife’s restraining order and a possible million down the drain, head on over to the online casino and make your bets on the “bad boy” himself.

OCA News Editor