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In the last five years, online casinos have become more popular than ever, attracting thousands of gambling fans and generating billions in revenue. However, when gambling at online casinos first started to catch on, some analysts predicted it would be a five minute wonder. The rising popularity online casinos have enjoyed over the years though, along with the phenomenal revenues generated, have proved that casinos, sports books and poker rooms are here to stay.

The successful development of online casinos is a prime example of how the internet benefits established industries by offering new mediums. As the popularity of online casinos has soared, a hundreds of new sites have exploded onto the web all promising gambling fans a unique gaming experience, the most sophisticated versions of casino games and the most attractive payouts and bonus offers. Today hundreds of online casinos compete for membership and strive to retain an ever increasing customer base.

Online gambling has also proved that it’s anything but a five minute wonder. The rise of online casinos poker across the U.S. has spread internationally, resulting in the development of specialized sites offering a variety of online poker games. Today, analysts believe the gross revenue generated by online casinos stands at approximately 12 billion dollars per year.

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