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Even More Britney Entertainment Bets

Ok entertainment fans, it’s time to find out what’s new in the world of online casino entertainment betting. This weeks biggest story (although not a surprise to anyone) is Britney Spears’ pregnancy. The ex-pop star announced this week that she and KFed are expecting their second child. And you guessed it; you can make an online casino bet on whether you think this baby will be a boy or a girl. Bodog, a well known online casino sportsbook and poker site has odds on Brits baby, so you better move quickly and make your bets now!

Since late February the tabloids have been saying that Britney was prego again, but her publicists adamantly denied these rumors. At one point many online casino sites even had odds on the event, but after several more weeks without an announcement these sites removed the props. This time it is official however! Although Britney stated that she knew about her pregnancy since February, she decided that it would be better to wait and make sure that she would make it to the three month mark without any major issues.

The gender of the baby is not the only Brit related prop that you can find at the online casino. The singer is currently attempting to get a sitcom deal with a major network, but considering her pregnancy, it doesn’t seem like this will happen anytime in the next year. Regardless, you can make an online casino bet on whether or not any network will actually end up signing her. Remember, before making your bets take into account the fact that Britney wants a girl more than anything in the world, and she has enough money to ensure that this will happen. Good luck at the online casino!

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