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Paris Loses Her Bentley

If only Paris played at the online casino a bit more she wouldn’t be showing up in the tabloids again. Paris Hilton is always making entertainment headlines for some of the most ridiculous things. Last year for example, Ms. Hilton had her mobile phone stolen and numbers of some of the biggest celebs in the entertainment industry leaked out on the web. This time around, Paris is in trouble because she clearly hasn’t been practicing at the online casino. The online casino is the perfect place for high rollers in the entertainment biz to practice their poker skills, as it allows all players to stay anonymous and away from the prying eyes of the press.

Paris doesn’t seem to follow this strategy however; she proved this when she lost her Bentley in a hand of poker. A Bentley? Who bets a Bentley let alone loses one in a game of poker? You better believe that if she sought her entertainment at the online casino this would never have happened. You never hear of anyone at the online casino losing the mortgage on their homes, or in Paris’ case, a very expensive and beautiful car.

According to gossip columns, the socialite is quite disappointed with her performance at the poker table, and is trying very hard to set a rematch so that she can win her car back. If we could give Paris one word of advice it would be to practice her game just a bit more at the online casino. That way, next time she bets her car, private jet or whatever else these big names in the entertainment industry have laying around, she can at least keep it and win something great in return. Good Luck getting your Bentley back Paris!

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