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Sports Fans Enjoy Online Casinos Poker

The recreational habits of top athletes are always a source of entertainment for sporting fans. However, instead of jet boating, golf and motorcycle racing, an increasing number are naming online casino poker as their favourite pastime. One such sporting star is Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards, who has revealed that he likes to play poker at online casino sites during his breaks. The sportsman has even gone on to praise poker at the online casino for its positive influence in his career. Apparently even sport stars need a bit of a break with some casino entertaiment!

Arenas, who has been instrumental in helping the Wizards feature in two consecutive playoffs, claims that playing poker at the online casino keeps him mentally focused during the basketball season. He cites Texas Hold’em poker as his favourite game of online casino poker, and says that the entertainment value alongside the mental challenge he gets from the game increases his concentration levels and his ability to strategise. He also benefits from his time at the online casino in other ways; Arenas not only knows how to play Texas Hold’em, he knows how to win.

Online casino poker has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years. While the live game has traditionally been regarded as a “man’s game”, increasing numbers of women are playing at online casinos. Celebrity poker has also been boosted by interest in online casinos, with sports personalities, actors, and other stars in the entertainment industry queuing up to test their poker luck.

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