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Read the Gossip Before Going to the Online Casino

When it comes to Britney Spears you either love her or hate her, the fact is, she is still rated pretty high up in the entertainment industry, but if she doesn’t play her cards right her star could drop at any minute. So do you have faith in Britney Spears? Willing to bet on it at the online casino? The entertainment section of the online casino sportsbook has great bets that you can make regarding the pop princess. But before you hit up the online casino you should find out what entertainment magazines say about Brit.

At, a well known online casino that has a great entertainment section in their sportsbook, currently has a prop regarding whether Britney Spears will take a role on a new or existing TV sitcom. The singer appeared on Will & Grace not too long ago and was quite fond of the entire television production experience. There is currently word that Spears is looking to be cast in a sitcom of her very own. Sure, this does sound all well and good for her, and hey, chances are it’s true! So why look at the entertainment magazines?

Because checking out gossip will help you make the correct wagering decision at the online casino. If you have read any gossip magazine, for example OK magazine, you would know that Britney is said to be pregnant! And no network would take on an actress on a new sitcom that is going to be going on maternity leave in the near future.

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