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Did You Choose Suri at the Online Casino

Hello online casino entertainment lovers! It’s time for some great results from the world of entertainment that may have made you some money yesterday. If you happen to have made an online casino bet at the entertainment section of the sportsbook regarding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby, well then it’s time to collect your winnings, or pay up. Yesterday the couple announced the birth of their first child together! No Tom did not say whether it was a silent birth or not, but that wasn’t one of the betting options at the online casino anyway!

So, are you waiting to hear the results of the gender and the name of the baby? Frankly, if you are really an entertainment fan then you do not need to read the results here, they are all over the web and on every gossip column in the world. However, if you enjoy betting at the entertainment section of the online casino sportsbook purely for the fun of gambling, then we do have the results you need. TomKat gave birth to a baby girl who weighed in at 7lbs 7oz.

If you bet on the baby being a girl then you better start figuring out how to spend your hard earned cash! To all of you who went with a boy, don’t worry; there are still other famous couples who have yet to deliver, like Angie and Brad. The next item up for betting at the online casino regarding TomKat was the baby’s name. None of the online casino sites guessed that the couple would name the baby Suri, but if you picked other, than good job! Keep on going to the entertainment section of your online casino to check on new props, you never know who’s getting pregnant next in Hollywood!!

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