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Who’s Next On Idol

There’s nothing quite like going to the online casino sportsbook to bet on your favorite reality show. And frankly, there are few reality shows that are as entertaining as American Idol. The sportsbook entertainment odds keep changing every week at your favorite online casino based on each contestants performance and who the fans voted off. Last week, when Bucky Covington got sent back down South, many online casino fans may have been shocked, but it doesn’t mean you can’t vote for the winner again.

Tonight yet another one of the brilliant contestants will get the boot and online casino sites will have to change their odds yet again! So, if you think you know who the winner is going to be make sure to hit the online casino before the votes are officially in tonight. The current leaders at the online casino are Chris Daughtry with 1/1 odds and Taylor Hicks with 5/6 odds. For all you fans who have McFeever, Katherine McPhee is the third favorite in the sportsbook entertainment section with 5/2 odds.

If you ware wondering who will go home tonight, the online casino has some pretty good ideas. For starters, the one contestant most likely to get the boot is Ace Young, who has an abysmal 45/1 odds. Following Ace is Elliot Yamin (25/1) who may impress the judges from time to time, but has yet to truly show himself to be the next American Idol. As for Kellie Pickler and Paris Bennett, well, Pickler is the favorite among the two with 9/2 odds, while Paris doesn’t really have the odds with her at 20/1. Overall, it seems like this season of American Idol is packed with more surprises than ever before! Good luck making your bets!

OCA News Editor