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Online Casino Site Offers Strip Poker

A new online casino site has decided to forgo the usual marketing campaigns for its online casino poker product and offer a brand new, entertainment filled, poker download – strip poker. The new software from online casino site Bowmans Poker promises poker fans all the excitement and entertainment associated with online poker, with the added bonus of getting ‘close up and personal’ with a poker babe.

While much has been written about the increasing numbers of female online casino poker players playing online, Bowmans Poker says its latest product is really for the guys. Casino players can trial the strip poker product at the online casino firm’s site, while enjoying the site’s regular features such as “buddy” functionality, which informs online casino fans when their friends are online. Another useful feature is a personal performance tool that ranks performance against a list of criteria in order to help identify a player’s weakness.

The online casino firm’s marketing manager, Sara Waller, says that the concept of strip poker was designed to spice up the game. Strip poker has also made headlines following online casino group Paddy Power’s announcement that it intends to hold a live strip poker tournament in Dublin this spring. The purpose of the tournament is to set a new world record for the most strip poker players participating at one venue. This will certainly be both entertaining to watch and participate in.

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