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Betting on Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has made online casino entertainment headlines quite a few times over the past year. For starters, entertainment betting fans may recall the online casino props that favored a divorce between Jessica Simpson and her then husband Nick Lachey. Clearly the online casino correctly assumed that the Hollywood couple would not make it past the honeymoon phase, so perhaps you should keep going with the entertainment section favorites. Since the couple split, Jessica has had quite a few more appearances on the sports betting pages of the online casino.

The two most recent online casino entertainment bets centered on Ms. Simpson include whether or not she will adopt a child and whether she will take a role on the Baywatch movie that is set to start filming later this year. Simpson has stated that she would like to help needy children in a fashion similar to Angelina Jolie, who has adopted twice already. Jessica had come up with the adoption idea when she decided to help fund an orphanage earlier this year. Though there has been some controversy on this matter with in her family, it seems that Jessica will always get her way.

The other online casino entertainment bet, which has to do with the Baywatch movie, is significantly less controversial and may actually be a good move for Jessica. Her first film role, in the movie Dukes of Hazard, was a real success for the songstress. Although Baywatch may not be all too deep, the role seems to fit perfectly for the busty and beautiful Jessica. So go ahead to the online casino and make your bets on what you think Jessica Simpson will be doing in the entertainment industry.

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