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Online Casino Starts to Sell

This casino started off as one of the world’s first online casinos but over the last few years has erupted into an unstoppable online casino gambling marketing machine that will do anything to see its name up in lights, in the headlines, on the radio, during the Super Bowl and even in the middle of the Olympics. If you didn’t see it, a streaker created major disruption during the recent Winter Olympics in Italy when he ran up during a prize giving ceremony wearing nothing more than a sign advertising the Golden Palace online casino!

The online casino will stop at nothing to gain publicity. According to them there is no such thing as bad publicity. This online casino now has an online casino shop where you can buy almost anything including clothing, home products, accessories, toys, casino items and poker chips. Each item carries the logo of this particular online casino.

You can get some real bargains at the Golden Palace online casino shop. Check out some of their prices:
$9.99 for a 3-pocket barbeque apron.
$39.99 for a wrist-watch.
$9.99 for a backscratcher
$19.99 for a slender, sparkling and very chic cocktail set.
$14.99 for a magnetic dartboard
$29.99 for an aluminum poker briefcase, filled with 300 heavy 11.5 gram poker chips.
If you want to check out the full range of items for sale go to the Golden Palace online casino shop now.

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