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Online Casino Fans to March Nude

In support of the online casino industry, a group of U.S. legislators and self-confessed online casino fans are preparing a nude march. The group has decided to take drastic action to highlight their opposition to legislation proposing to ban the online casino industry. The bill is currently under discussion by federal legislators and according to the online casino fans, the time has come to make their displeasure with the bill known publicly.

Dubbed “Free the Felt,” the online casino support group includes five females and 27 male online casino fans. In a move to garner further support for their mission, the group has announced that it intends to march naked from central Washington D.C. to the Capitol on April 31. And while publicity surrounding the online casino group has intensified following the group’s announcement, a high level of secrecy remains concerning those legislators who wish to remain anonymous until the big event.

Undoubtedly media interest in the planned event has been high. However, several online casino operators have drawn public attention to the date on which the group’s statement was announced. Online casino fans wishing to join the naked march to the Capitol may wish to bring their clothes along with them. The date on the statement is April 1st.

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