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Online Casino Accused of Slowing Productivity

A recent study by an American internet consultancy firm has revealed that gambling at online casinos may be behind low productivity levels amongst U.S. employees. Among the activities participants in the 2005 Internet Usage Study by Burstek Internet Consultants admitted to enjoying on the job is gambling at online casino sites. Nearly a fifth of the 10,688 participants across the U.S. admitted to playing at online casinos during working hours.

78.1 percent of all participants in the survey admitted to accessing the internet at work for personal use and entertainment. 72.3 percent of total internet usage represented personal visits to websites, in particular shopping and entertainment sites. The number of men playing at online casino sites during working hours more than tripled the number of women, and the age group predominantly associated with the activity was 25-40 year olds. While most respondents said they were aware of their company’s policy toward personal internet usage and gaming at online casinos, many said that they only play during periods of “down time,” while others stated they visit online casinos during lunch hours only.

Despite the U.S. government’s ban on gambling at online casino sites, a record number of Americans admit to regularly playing online. Several recent surveys have indicated that nearly one in five U.S. residents has frequented online casino sites in the past or is still doing so. Currently 80 percent of the worldwide revenue generated by the gaming industry comes from U.S. players.

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