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Bet 4 Aces Online Casino Gets Agro

Bet 4 Aces online casino has announced that it is launching an aggressive advertisement campaign in order to tap into the international online casino market. Bet 4 Aces, a leading online casino and sportsbook has announced that it plans to launch phase one of a four-phase aggressive advertisement campaign. The online casino’s marketing and advertisement campaign would target the international online gaming market and try and push the online casino site’s name into the global gambling world. The online casino said that they are now ready to go all out and market itself following the successful purchase of Bet Getaway, another online casino site.

The online casino divulged some of its marketing plans. It will host a series of mock casino nights in key locations New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition to the hosting of these evenings in order to boots its online casino gambling products, the online casino will also place billboard adverts in key cities in the United States and internationally.

The online casino feels confident about its ability to penetrate the international markets, a spokesperson said. They said that the company has experienced positive growth and 98% customer support over the past year. The online casino and sportsbook wants to become the year’s top online casino and admitted that they were excited at the challenges facing them in order to achieve this goal. They said that this was only the first phase of the marketing campaign and that many more surprises were on their way.

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