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Online Casino Gets Celeb Winner

Aces online casino has recorded a winning mystery musician celebrity who won $32K. The online casino is respecting the musician’s wishes for privacy. Aces online casino has announced that a mystery music celebrity has won a big casino jackpot. The online casino, however, has decided to respect the winner’s wishes for privacy and will not disclose any of his personal details. The winner walked away with $32K from the online casino’s bonus prize.

The question remains why a celebrity would not want to have extra reasons to promote his name and disclose the online casino winnings. The online casino says that the celebrity decided not to allow them to publicize his name, despite their requests (which would of course have provided the online casino with some positive press coverage too).

Aces online casino, however, have recently been in headlines in the online casino industry when they provided a backstage poker table at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. An account from the online casino with $5000 pre-deposited was included in the booty that the performers and award winners received that evening. It is believed that one of the celebrity account holders has been playing at the online casino since then and thus won the $32K prize. The online casino is monitoring the play of the mystery musician and claim that the player is definitely on a roll. They expect that the player could score big again and then wonder whether he will still remain anonymous.

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