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American Idol Entertainment Props

Last week, many online casino fans may have been disappointed with the way America voted. Lisa Tucker, who was considered to be tough competition at the beginning of the “American Idol” season, had the lowest votes and was sent back home. Online casino entertainment buffs who chose Ms. Tucker as this season’s winner will have to head on over to the online casino entertainment section to choose another winner. There are still 8 more weeks till the winner is announced.

Before you head on over to the online casino however, you should find out who is considered to be a favorite, and who the online casino entertainment sections are guessing will be booted off next. For starters, the least favorite “American Idol” finalists are currently Bucky Covington, Ace Young and Elliot Yamin with 65/1, 40/1 and 20/1 odds respectively. The next lowest ranked Idols are Paris Bennett with 15/1 odds and Kellie Pickler at 12/1 odds.

The online casino favorites this week haven’t changed all too much. Chris Daughtry is still in the lead with 5/7 odds, although to be fair, he was not well liked by Simon last week. Daughtry consistently performs well, but doesn’t perform songs that would generally be considered pop sensations, which is what “American Idol” targets. Regardless, Daughtry is still amazing and is sure to make it big in the entertainment industry. The other favorites for this season’s win are Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee and Mandisa the Diva. Check out the online casino sportsbook and make your picks… Good Luck!

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