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Brunei Police Clamp Down on Online Casino Operator

The tiny kingdom of Brunei Darussalam has not yet legalized online casino games, yet there are always some people who will overlook the law and operate illegal gaming stations. A 58 year old Brunei citizen was arrested last week after an informer advised the police that he was operating a cyber caf? that facilitated online casino gambling. Chen Kim Veng pleaded guilty to the charges of providing the means to access online casino games and he was fined $2000. Veng also had his 19 computers confiscated from the premises.

The online casino cyber caf? was situated in Kuala Bealit and provided local gamblers the chance to access popular online casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, for a fee. Gamblers would deposit a minimum amount of money and start betting at the online casino games. At the end of their gambling, they would collect any winnings from the cashier. Police say that they found around $600 cash in the cyber caf? and it was confirmed that this money was proceeds from online gambling services.

As mentioned, the run in with the law regarding online gambling cost Veng a lot more than $2000 (or two months in jail). The forfeiting of 19 computer terminals will probably be more of a loss to someone who bases his livelihood on online casino games.

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