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Cops Raid Online Casino Caf?

Following a tip-off from an informer, Chen Kim Veng was arrested when the Brunei Police raided his online casino gambling caf?. It was revealed that most of the internet activity that took place at this “Internet” caf? was for gambling purposes. Members of the public could easily access these online casino gambling facilities by depositing a minimum betting amount at the cashier. They could then start gaming at their designated computer.

Online casino winners would then collect their cash prizes at the cashier when they had finished playing. The online casino gamblers could play whatever they liked, roulette, keno, slots, poker or blackjack. They loved going to Veng’s caf? and certainly never expected a raid. It was a costly affair for Veng. The Owner of the PHMS cyber caf? was fined $2000 or two months’ jail after he pleaded guilty before the Bandar Magistrate’s Court to using his business premises as a gambling outlet.

To top it off, his 19 computers were forfeited to the State. The question in everybody’s mind now is what will Veng do now? And where will all those online casino gamblers go to play now? The police will be watching Veng for a while but will he start up again when things have calmed down? And of course the big question in Veng’s mind is who was the informer?

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