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Online Casino Fans Boost Poker Crowd

The 300 available seats in the upcoming British Student Poker Championships have been snapped up by online casino poker fans. The event, organized by UK Student Poker, features a seat to the World Series of Poker as part of the main prize. In addition, a prize pool of $70 million U.S. dollars has proved attractive to all 300 online casino fans competing in the event. The buy in for the tournament was set at just 30 pounds sterling in order to encourage online casino fans to try their luck at live poker action.

Given the highly publicized wins in several major tournaments by U.S. online casino fans and continued television coverage of major poker matches, it is not surprising that UK students are getting into the poker scene in large numbers. Increasing numbers of students state that they regularly engage in online casino poker activity once a fortnight, with many more keen to test their online casino skills in a live gaming environment.

The total number of online casino fans in the Student Poker Championship has increased from 259 to 300 this year. The game of choice is No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em and kicks off the tournament on the 1st of April. The event is being closely followed by several online casino and gambling publications.

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