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Online Casino Poker Player Target of New TV Series

A new television series plans to target online casino poker players and bring even more exposure to this popular casino game. Over the years, poker has enjoyed increased popularity, both in the gambling industry and in the entertainment world. This is partly due to the fact that poker has always been a popular online casino game and partly because television has given the game such excellent exposure and declared it a sport in every sense of the word. Now, television plans to bring us a more personal angle of the game by targeting an online casino poker player.

The new show, entitled The Small Town Poker Tour, will travel across America in search of the top amateur online casino poker player in the country. This show is different from other shows about the online casino industry, in that it does not focus on the glitz and the dazzle of casinos. Instead, it is a real show about real people who play at all different levels of online casino games, especially the most popular game of all – online poker.

The show will also bring in some of the top online casino players in the world who will offer advice to the amateurs. An exciting mix of online casino poker, reality TV and poker celebrities is sure to make this show truly popular.

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