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Spring Break from the Online Casino

When it comes to college students in the USA there is nothing more important or chocked full of entertainment quite like Spring Break. However, because college kids are known to be broke 99% of the time many are unable to afford the most entertaining week of their arduous college year, until of course the online casino came in to help! Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP), a leading online casino affiliate company, has announced that, Superior Poker, and online casino and poker room, will be sponsoring the ‘Interactive Drink Competition’ at the online Casino Affiliate Programs Spring Break 2006.

CAP hosts this even annually and it is a great way to get the online casino affiliate in the news. The event brings together the top affiliates and online casino sites, all hoping to host a great and very entertaining event for their college players. The interactive drink competition’s clever format is sure to be a great way for attendees to network while having fun together. Spring Break is a great time to party and have fun and for the online casino industry, it’s all about the entertainment!

For many, online casino sites simply provide entertainment at home for those who enjoy the casino scene. But online casino affiliates are bringing the entertainment to young people outside of the home, and on the beautiful beach with the ‘Interactive Drink Competition’. So if you’re college age and feel like learning about online gambling and want to have fun while doing it, the CAP Spring Break event is the place for you!

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