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Online Casino Goes for Entertainment Value

Everybody loves playing blackjack, poker and all the other “regular” games at the online casino. But wouldn’t it be great to play some fun, new games at the online casino sometimes too? All you entertainment buffs out there, do you recall the scene in National Lampoons Vegas Vacation when Clark Griswald entered this very cheap and strange casino that offered fun games such as “pick a number” and “guess which hand”? Perhaps soon you will see all these entertaining games at your favorite online casino.

On April 9th of this year, the “Rock, Paper, Scissor” tournament will be hitting Las Vegas. That’s right, the game you loved as a child, and as a college student trying to decide who would get the door, can now get you a whopping $50,000. The tournament will take place at the Luxor Casino on the Strip and will follow your normal rock, paper, scissors rules. Where rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. Knowing the online casino industry, you may be playing this game at your favorite site in no time.

Online casino sites know that the most important aspect of their site is to keep their players happy. By giving players such entertaining games as War and Rock, Paper, Scissors, players can keep gambling while reminiscing about the games the loved as children. Perhaps National Lampoons knew it best all along! You never know when “pick a number” will come to the online casino after all!

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