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Brad and Angie Hit the Casino

If there is one couple in the entertainment world that nobody, including the online casino, could live without, it’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hollywood’s hottest couple is always appearing on entertainment props in online casino sites, and if you have ever seen pictures of either of them, apart or together, you are sure to understand why. When Angie announced that she was pregnant with Brad’s child several months ago, many online casino fans started betting on whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. And as popularity of this Hollywood “It” couple grew, so did the online casino entertainment props and bets.

Now at the online casino you can find props on a few Angie and Brad items. Not only can you bet on the gender of the baby, but you can also try to figure out what the child’s name will be. The online casino entertainment props section has names ranging from James, as the current favorite with 7/4 odds, and down to Rachel at 250/1. If you are true entertainment buffs then you must know that James is the name of Angelina’s brother, whom she does have a pretty close connection with. As for the least favorite at the online casino, Rachel, being Brad’s ex-wife’s character name on Friends, is in last place for good reasons.

If trying to determine the sex and name of the couple’s first child together is not your cup of tea, you can place your online casino bets on when you think the couple will say “I do”. Although, for those of you who thought that Brad and Angie would wed this past weekend at George Clooney’s estate in Italy, sorry to say that that was a no go. Regardless, Bodog, a noted online casino sports book, let’s you place odds on a wedding in 2006. It’s not even April yet, so you never know, you may end up winning the entertainment prop after all.

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