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Singapore’s Asian Online Casino Event

A showcase of Asia’s emerging online casino industry is to be held in Singapore in April 2006. Among the event’s highlights will be a showcase on mobile gambling and the opportunities it will create for Asian manufacturers of mobile phones, distributors, platform developers and online casino consultants. Online casino software companies around the world are preparing for a boom in mobile gambling and many are looking to Asia to provide the technological and creative resources the industry needs.

The conference’s keynote speakers represent a who’s who in the world of the Asian region’s online casino and mobile gaming industry. Digital Media is represented by its Singapore operation’s Vice President Laurent Verrier, while the president of Universal Musical Group in Hong Kong, Harry Hui, is expected to attend. A number of well known Asian businessmen based in the region will be presenting the Asian business model for growing online casino and mobile gaming industries, and a presentation on the demographics of Asian online casino and mobile gaming fans will also be included.

Asia is commonly considered by online casino analysts to be the industry’s next major area of growth. While some Asian governments such as China’s have declared war on online casino gaming, other countries such as Vietnam are looking for ways to legalize and regulate the industry. A number of prominent gaming firms already own substantial interests in the Asian gambling industry.

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