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Online Casino Firms Support Gambling Awareness

As National Problem Gambling Awareness Week commences in the U.S., many online casino firms are expressing a strong desire to be involved in condemning underage gambling and gambling addiction. One of the major companies keen to make an impact is online casino and sports betting company Bet On Sports, which has issued a statement in support of gambling awareness. The firm says that it uses a variety of technological devices to ensure that underage online casino players and problem gamblers are detected and banned from gaming at its site.

Industry-leading fraud protection devices and security software are used to monitor credit card fraud and age verification processes at the firm’s online casino site. The company also trains its call center staff to recognize the habits of compulsive online casino gamblers, including playing habits and betting activity. When staff detect something unusual, they will call the online casino player to assess his gambling behavior and, if necessary, close his account with the company.

The online casino firm’s director of communications, Kevin Smith, has stated that Bet On Sports is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for healthy gambling. A number of other online casino firms are lending their voices in support of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week and are publishing information on support groups for compulsive gambling on their websites.

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